What The Seller Should Know If The Buyer Refuses An Inspection…

For one reason or another I run into situations where the home buyer flat out refuses to conduct a home inspection. Maybe he has a killer set of tools & a “I know everything” attitude. That’s almost always the case. Even buyers with decades of construction backgrounds usually end up on the short end of the stick when it comes to negotiating repairs. Home sellers AND the agents who represent them expect to see a bonafide inspection report from a state licensed home inspector when it comes to providing any type of concession or honoring any type of repair request.

Even still, when a buyer refuses to conduct an inspection it is absolutely critical that the sellers agent ALSO protect their seller and their brokerage. This can be done in Texas by using a simple form that is provided to all Texas Realtors®, TAR form 2506, INSPECTOR INFORMATION.

This form clearly points out that the buyer will or will not choose to conduct a home inspection. Believe it or not, not all agents representing a buyer will use this document. It’s important that one of the agents ensure the buyer sign this document.


Inspector Information



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